Thursday, June 3, 2010

Does the end of this stick smell funny to you?

Some friends have mentioned the other blogs that I have listed. Believe me, I know they all tug at heartstrings.  While they might not always be sunshine and roses I read them because I can relate to them.  Sure we aren't all going through the same thing-Xavier doesn't have Prader-Willi Syndrome or Down Syndrome, he wasn't a micro-preemie, nor is he battling cancer.  But our family, along with those families, share the (unwanted) bond of going through things we never planned for nor would ever want.  In a strange, weird, voyeuristic way it helps to read about other families; both their happy times and ones that aren't so. 

I know our road has been far from smoothly paved.  But with all its potholes, detours, and maybe a flat tire or two the road has led us to a wonderful destination.  One of a growing, happy, smiley, little boy.  I would give anything to change the road he's had to travel (and will travel for the rest of his life) but I wouldn't change him.  Those big eyes when you can tell he's really interested in something, a huge smile when he thinks you're funny (word is still out on who's funnier-Mommy or Daddy), little puckered lips when something just isn't tasting too good.  And our destination is ultimately this--acceptance.  Which I think we've cruised into nicely if I may say so myself.

That might be a mish-mash of words above but it brings me to the title of this post.  Basically X and the children in the other blogs I read got the shitty end of the stick.  Yep, I said that.  I don't believe that things happen for a reason.  I believe in science, genetics, screwed up chromosomes and the like.  Children aren't born with syndromes or have to face cancer or go through surgeries because it's supposed to "be".  They are clean slates-perfect, untouched, pure.  And in no way do I believe my God or anyone's God chooses to put children through such a tough life.  That's where the science comes in for me.  I know this sounds totally opposite of the post below about the mother of a preemie.  I don't think God doles out cards so simply; we all have to play the hand we are dealt but I don't believe there's a big crappy pile just waiting to be shuffled.  For me, the heart of that post is that these children and us, their parents, are remarkable and strong.  And sometimes we (parents of these children) may forget that.  We have to give ourselves some credit sometimes too.

So, all that being said, shitty roads and shitty sticks aside, I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you choose to read our blog or any of the blogs I've linked share in the joys & sorrows.  Laugh with a funny post and feel sad with one that talks about set-backs.  In the end, that's what we've got--each other. 

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