Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 Things Tuesday

Because I got yelled at for slacking...(just kidding Amy!)

  1. We've started our "no laying around summer"...2 trips down hopefully others to come
  2. Our biggin is up to 17.5lbs, 28.5 inches! Back on the chart baby!
  3. Mission sippy cup is in full effect; it's quite hard to find the 'right' one
  4. I wish people would stop staring...evidentally they were never taught that it's rude or if you have a question to just ask.  Do I have to scream from the mountain top that yes my kid is different! (But aren't we all)
  5. A certain little boy sure does love watermelon & cottage cheese
  6. There's soon to be a new car so Xavier can ride around in style
  7. A certain Mommy sure does want a cool new stroller for her cool new car
  8. As Anthony put it, our basement looks like a baby training facility (pictures to come to prove this point)
  9. We both believe someone is breaking into our house at night and wrecking it.  Two people, a little one, a dog, and a fish surely can't make this much mess right?
  10. Going to the therapist and having nothing to talk about is a great thing!!

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