Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1st Day of School

Where has the time gone?  I don't know but summer's almost over and it's been forever since I posted anything.

Today was X's first day of "school" (aka daycare).  I much prefer calling it school because daycare sounds so gloomy to me.  And for a Mommy who was grump-tastic as this day approached, school is the perfect moniker.

Anthony did the drop-off and I will be the picker-upper.  I much prefer being the picker-upper.  I can run in and scoop my little Boogers up and whisk him away rather than handing him over to someone else in the morning and ripping my heart out.

A few calls from the daycare to check-in about things and to let us know he was doing well.  I know every mother goes through this whether they have a child going to daycare, kindergarten, highschool, or college.  But you throw your child having special needs on top of that and it's a bit harder.  Will he eat enough, will he get enough attention, etc. etc.  I know that of course he will.  After all he's at a Kennedy Krieger run daycare so I don't think they are going to starve my child or sit him a corner.  Nonetheless it's hard after 17 months to let someone else take care of your baby.  Good Lord what am I going to do when he does go to school? lol

Here he is with his teacher:

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