Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Fundays

Before it got ubearable outside, we were lucky enough to take a day trip here or there and even sneak in a mini-vacay to Ocean City.

Our first trip was to Sheperdstown West Virginia.  A cute little town not too far away.  The much loved Byrd pasttime of eating was a must so we had to hit Betty's Restaurant for a Rumsey burger (named for steamboat inventor James Rumsey).  After that yummy goodness we walked around town, went into a few stores, then stopped for some dessert.

X not very enthused about our trip so far.

X and Daddy looking out over the river.

 X and Mommy at the "Little House"
(Sheperdstown University was a teaching college and students used the "Little House" to observe children at play).

Doing what us Byrds do best.

We also took a trip to Mount Vernon.  We got to learn a lot of neat stuff about George Washington as well as tour the house, the grounds, and museum.

Mooommmyyy, it's too bright out here!

Out tiny revolutionary

And last but not least was our relaxing time in OC (special thanks to Aunt Linda & Uncle Steve).  We aren't beach people so we lounged around, went to the pool, to the boardwalk, and all and all just enjoyed ourselves.

Lounging with Daddy

Speedo or trunks?  Which one gets more babes?

Margarita at Harborside.  What?  Did I drink too much? lol

At the beach

Night at the Boardwalk

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  1. I'm so glad that you guys are getting out and about! Love the "litte house", wish I had one to play in! NO SPEEDO'S!!!!! Saw some scary ones at the beach this weekend. As for the margarita...come on now, I'm all about the candy, but wait until he's at least 2 before introducing anymore alcohol...LOL!