Monday, May 10, 2010

Boogies, Breezes, and Milkshakes

Let's start with boogies...poor Bean is sick.  Same thing he had a little while ago.  All nose/head gunk.  He started sounding like a bear in the middle of the night on Saturday so I figured some nose funk was starting.  Mother's Day it was in full force.  Runny nose, stuffy nose, crusty nose.  Poor thing.  He's been a trooper though.  He was so tired yesterday but was up all day then finally went to sleep around 10.  Today he is crashing as expected.  We think this could be tooth related as well.  I don't see toofy #2 anywhere yet.

Breezes. Not really breezes, more like WIND.  Brrr cold.  We went to have a nice day out on Saturday and it was sunny but the wind!  Had to shield the Bean from debris and he still wound up with a face full of dirt.  And it was cold in our house.  Being the lazy arses we are we tried to make it through the night with two little fleece blankets on our bed instead of walking oh so far to the basement and getting the real comforter.  The Bean's room was a nice cozy 75.  Shoulda gone in there and slept on his pile of clothes like Oakley does.

Milkshakes! Yum.  Feeling the urge to add a double dog and milkshake on TOP of our crab & avocado taco Saturday we went to Ann's Dari-Creme.  We somehow ended up with an extra vanilla milkshake that the boy got to parttake in.  He might not look anything like his mother but he sure does have her sweet tooth!

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