Tuesday, May 4, 2010

10 Things Tuesday

Boy Tuesday snuck up on us this time!

  1. The Bean & I had a wonderful weekend filled with Mommy & Xavier time!
  2. Naked Juice Protein Smoothie is thoroughly disgusting.  I really like their mango smoothie and this one enticed me with its coconuts and pineapples on the label (sneaky sneaky).  Not so much.  So my solution is to mix it with some heavy cream and test it on the Bean.  I know, pawn it off on my kid.  But instead of throw it away when it's 3x more protein I figure we'll give it a go.  Just because I don't like it won't mean he won't.
  3. X had his first swim all by himself on Saturday!  I ordered a kit from Waterway Babies that is for therapeutic swimming.  It came with a pool and a neck ring.  The Bean really liked being able to move around all by himself!  It was so much fun seeing him push off the sides of the pool and be so indepedent!
  4. It's HOT!  What happened to spring?
  5. The Bean had his first taste of Rita's on Sunday.  He sure loved it!
  6. He partied hard on Sunday...he got up at 8 and didn't crash (and literally he passed out) until almost 11 that night.
  7. I hear that a Mother's Day present for a certain Mommy from a certain Baby came in the mail yesterday. I wonder what it is?  I can't believe this is my second Mother's Day!
  8. Going back to last week's '10 Thing'...this boy has so many clothes that now he needs another bin just to put away winter things!
  9. I got him a kickin pair of New Balance at the consignment sale.  They are ridiculously cute!
  10. Every day the Bean is growing and it really is wonderful.  His development is slow but it is so wonderful to see the progress.  Every whole bowl of food eaten or quizzical look makes us just want to do a fist pump (a totally awesome Jersey Shore fist pump!).

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