Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hi Everyone! Welcome to our blog! As much as I loved Shutterfly, you couldn't post individual pictures quite as easy so we had to jump on the blog bandwagon. It's easier to get to and read too. ANNNDDD if we are good about it, maybe there will just be some new pictures of the little man (we have to admit we aren't good at uploading).

We are expecting this summer to be fun filled. We made a strict no sitting around vow. Time to get out and DO stuff. We've decided to make an attempt to go to some places of historical significance...Monticello, Mt. Vernon. Not sure how kid friendly they are but I guess we will see.

Oh, lest I forget...Happy Earth Day! Hug a tree, save a squirrel, RECYCLE!

And here is the Bean from last Earth Day when he had only been home for about a week!

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  1. Well Good Morning Xavier!! Tell mommy and daddy to make up their minds...are you going to blog or shutterfly! I have bookmarked this page now and will check in on you often and hopefully you can get them to add newer pictures.

    Have a good day!


    Aunt Kathy (EEWWWAAAAA I hate the sound of that) how about Aunt Kat that sounds much better!!!!