Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 Things Tuesday

If any of you read blogs, you know there are "theme" days..."Wordless Wednesday", "10 Things Tuesday", "Fishstick Friday"....ok well maybe not Fishstick Friday but fishsticks do sound some kinda good right now!  Anywho, here goes our first ever 10 Things Tuesday...

  1. Today is my grandmother's birthday.  I really miss her and it still feels like I should be able to pick up the phone and say hi.  I know she's watching over on us but boy would I give anything to hear her tell me that my dog needs a needle. 
  2. I am SO thrilled at how well the Bean has been eating lately.  I think he's finally realized that other things taste much better than formula.  Especially ice cream!
  3. Pay it forward...Friday night someone at another table paid for our dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.  No idea who it was but it made us tear up a little.  At the same time a little piece of me doesn't want anyone to feel bad for us & the Bean.
  4. I am definitely addicted to children's consignment sales.  It's like crack...seriously.  The rush of finding something you know is much more expensive.  There's going to be an MTV True Life  about me sometime soon.
  5. Finally have decided on my next tattoo.  Yay!
  6. The Bean has way too many clothes.  Way-too-many.  Please refer back to item #4.
  7. Once again we have rogue squash/pumpkins growing in our yard.
  8. Ain't nothin like a big ol' smile & laugh from the Bean.
  9. Watching him bop himself in the head as he tries to get his hand in his mouth is quite amusing...and damn cute.
  10. Small steps might be meaningless to some but they are leaps & bounds for us!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I can't believe that someone paid for your dinner!!! That is so heartwarming! That happened to a girl at my work in the taco bell drive thru a few weeks ago and she was totally dumbfounded. Paying it forward is a wonderful thing...tag you're it...

    Fishstick Friday should be amusing, I want to see what you come up with for that. LOL