Friday, March 11, 2011

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Race fans, hotrodders, 2 year olds!  Yep, Sunday is the day my bean turns into a sprout.  When he was smaller I always wondered how we would celebrate birthdays or do "normal" things?  What the hell did that mean?  Seriously, I thought that?!  We celebrate them just like anyone else...with ridiculous amounts of sweets, too many presents, and lots of love.

Round #1 of birthday festivities included Mommy (and her oh so bright ideas) to make some treats for school.  I wanted to make something fun but also enriching for the kids.  So I decided to make cake pops and cupcakes! Cake pops because they were just fun and cupcakes so the little ones who might be tube feed can squish them and play with them. Believe me, when your kid has special needs you look at everything as an experience.  The cake pops recipe came from Bakerella.  She is amazing!

My venture into cake pop making started Wednesday night with making the actual cake.  Thursday I go crackin' at 5 and didn't stop until almost 9.  The night actually went by fast because they were so much fun.

Without further adieu, I present the cake pops!

All ready for school!

And the afermath!

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